Peter & Cynthia White

Messages of condolences may be mailed to Cynthia at the P&A Silks address below or sent to - I will ensure that email messages are passed on to Cynthia.

Magicians remembered Peter fondly on The Magic Cafe.

December 31, 2013

Peter White, the founder of P&A Silks, passed away in August 2011. Peter was a great friend to not only myself, but to the entire magic community. He is missed by all of us.

The web site for P&A Silks has been shut down.

Inquiries for silks products may be addressed to or via postal mail to Cynthia at this address:

Cynthia White
P&A Silks
P.O. Box 651
Hudson, NY 12534

Peter's unrivaled passion for silks and silk magic put him in a class all by himself. His belief in producing a quality & perfect product gave the magic community a collection of the highest quality silk-screened silk handkerchiefs made individually by hand in his own factory.

Peter was often heard telling his customers, "when I'm gone, there will be no more silks like these." He would then explain that the process was long and complex to produce a single silk, and joke that "no one else would want to do this." I think once I even heard him say it a different way - "no one else would be crazy enough to do this." I know this first-hand to be true, as I and a few others have spent time at the factory on printing days to see how much work and attention to detail went into the creation of an original P&A Silk. What I saw was nothing less than amazing.

Peter & Cynthia's dedication to the business of P&A Silks is reflected by an old addage: If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. And every P&A product was an example of great American craftsmanship. Consider yourself fortunate if a P&A Silk is part of your magic repertoire or collection. As Peter would say, "Use it well."

Thank you, Peter, for all you taught me about life and magic. You'll be missed forever.

Herb Klumpe
P&A Silks Webmaster